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Mid-Missouri has finally decided it’s fall and I. Could. Not. Be. Happier!

I noticed today that certain trees around the house are starting to change, pecans are on the ground, I’m craving chili, and I have a current TBR to match my favorite “dark + moody autumn nights” vibe.

So, here’s what’s up on the reading list:





Last month, I met my goal of (75) books completed for my Goodreads reading challenge. However, after looking back over the listing, I noticed my YA ratio was waaaaaay down from previous years. Honestly, YA Fantasy is probably my favorite genre so it’s surprising to me that I have read more adult contemporary than anything, thus far.

I’ve been reading all the buzz on Ninth House (which is CLEARLY NOT A YA NOVEL, y’all. Sheesh.) but very rarely do I let the masses dictate whether I pick up a book or not. (Frankly, it made me want to read it even more.) I can’t say I fully grasp the “trigger” stance. Guess I’m too conservative-concealed carry-privileged white-female to understand why it’s necessary to label every single book with something derogatory. (Shrug.) It’s literature. That’s what literature has always been about. Pushing the envelope.

If you don’t like it, don’t read it. Don’t suggest it. Don’t talk about it.

Move on.

In the end, I’m not out to offend or hurt anyone either. If certain topics set you off as a reader, I respect you knowing yourself well enough to acknowledge those things. (High five.)

But I’m still going to read it.

ANNNNYWAY – if you’re still with me after that rant…

I haven’t been this excited about a haul/TBR pile in forever.

Bring on the electric blanket, some hot tea, and let’s go.


8 Comments on “Brown Dog Book Review: Current TBR

  1. I hope you love Wicked Saints and Sorcery of Thorns, they’re two if my favourites from this year! I also just picked up Ninth House yesterday and I can’t wait to see what it’s actually about 🖤🖤🖤

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    • Okay, real talk. If I can EVER finish Spinning Silver (which I’m loving), between the three jobs, then I’ll be ready to dive into this pile! (Ha!) I’m thinking Wicked Saints first b/c it’s been on the list the longest. These all (4) seemed perfect for autumn reads.

      Ninth House has me STOKED! Curious to hear what you think! ❤


      • Bahah that is fair! Idk about you, but this has been such a weird reading month for me. Omg I totally agree with Wicked saints! I wish I had waited to read it!


      • “Weird” is one word for it. You ever have months where you start books but can’t make yourself finish them? And it’s not like they’re bad… IDK, dude. It’s like I can’t focus.

        I keep close watch on you on Instagram! I love how your feed has changed and morphed into something very unique and “you.” And, as dorky as this sounds, I love seeing you post those notebook pages or blog posts to-do or finished. I love lists.


      • YES! Finding the motivation to pick up a book is just so difficult sometimes? For absolutely no reason? And then you eventually get to it and it’s like…why did I take so long?!

        Ahhhhh thank you so much! I’m trying to just post what I like and not think about it too much so I’m glad it’s working aha. I love your feed too, you honestly take the most stunning pictures 😍 AND THOSE PUPS! I could die they’re so precious

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  2. Brianna!!! I’ve been missing SO MANY of your posts. THIS MUST BE REMEDIED. And oh man, I wish Autumn would last longer than it actually does–I love everything about it so much. ❤

    Ahhhh I got my copy of Ninth House the other day and I CAN'T WAIT. Hope we both love it! Also, the drama surrounding it has been…puzzling? I think the uh, somewhat mob-mentality of YA book twitter and might make other authors wary about switching from YA to Adult and writing about heavy, "triggering" topics. Which would be a shame!


    • Oh my gosh, HI! In your honest defense, it’s not like I’ve been posting faithfully. (Shrug.) But I’m working toward fixing that! Glad to “see” your voice!

      All I can say is, Bardugo has thick skin because people have been downright mean. It’s like the masses forget that YA authors are allowed to grow/change just like with any other career out there.

      So glad you’re here and that we got to chat! ♥️

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