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Fellow book nerds: Ever look up and realize you’re reading so many books at one time, that you just know you’re not going to finish a single one that particular month? No? Just me? (*Forehead slap.*) Wish I could say this was my first time but, alas, this is just my personality.

So far, my reading experience in December has been a hot-mess-express.

Here’s a summary of all the books I currently have “open” either on my nightstand, on my desk, in my purse, or on my phone:

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I’m the deepest into The Nightingale and, gah, it’s so gorgeous it hurts. This is my first Kristin Hannah book and I can definitely see what all the “fuss” is about; she has a very intimate, conversational voice and I adore it already. The first chapter of this book was like talking to an old friend. Very cool.

Gods of Jade and Shadow is…fun. I don’t know any better word for it at this point in the story. It’s different than what I expected and faster paced than I anticipated. You get thrown into the story and I liiiiike it.

Lovely War was a book I snagged based off a recommendation – thanks Dee! This book is lush, man. Like filmy gauze and myth and melancholy. I’m not quite far enough to know how I feel yet but I do know I LOVE the concept of Aphrodite being a lonely Goddess, doomed to conjure love for everyone else but never experience it herself.

I’m a little leery of Capturing the Devil, if I’m being one hundred percent honest. It’s downloaded and it’s present (I’ve also seen a spoiler) but I’m still nervous to start in on it. You know how you fall in love with characters and feel sad to see them go?…

I’ve barely touched The Storm Crow but, dude, I think I’m going to looooove it. Hope it stays as edgy and wicked as it feels so far.

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There’s also potential room for The Forbidden Man (formerly The Younger Manbut that’ll mean finishing a few of the other upstarts first. I RARELY read romance but I’ve been in the mood lately – plus it’s on my phone so it’ll travel easy. I think, secretly, I want to be a cougar because I’m drawn to this subgenre in Romance. If you think I got anything against a younger man, betta think again.

Scored a few days off work before Christmas, so, fingers crossed, I can knock some of these out and finish 2019 strong. I’ve set a goal (in my mind) for 2020 already and have started a couple pages in my BDBR Reading-Journal in anticipation. I won’t finish 2019 with as many books read as previous years but the quality of what I read was fantastic. It used to be, I’d track my monthly progress like a hawk looking for prey – and, if I fell behind, I’d get aggravated with myself = creating unnecessary stress. Isn’t that silly? Nowadays, I’m just happy to have a book in my hands; if I’m reading, it’s all good. Not to mention, I read a pretty neat variety of books in 2019.

I also set a goal to blog more in 2020 – now that I’m swinging Faith + Fern in two dominant directions: books and photography. It’s an odd mixture of hobbies – considering I read (mostly) YA Fantasy and take hunting/wildlife photos but, hey, we’re all a little weird, am I right? I’m passionate about both and actively want to pursue both.

More to come on those topics later, though.

For now, talk to me about these December books. Have you read them? Do you want to read them? What are your reading plans for Christmastime? Did you have any books on your Wish-List?


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