Brown Dog Book Review :: Reading Journal


So, in 2019 I did a “thing” I’d wanted to do for several years and finally started a Reading-Journal. compos4As a daily-journaler, I wanted a way to separate my “brain dumps” and to-do lists and ramblings from my book tracking system and/or reviews. Why? Because I’d catch myself on bad days jotting down what I was reading as filler instead of focusing on journaling through emotions.

Now that I’ve started a different volume, specifically for bookish topics, I’ve noticed my personal writing has flourished. No more filler. Just genuine freewriting. (Sounds silly but completely true.)

At first, I was a tad obsessive and tore out more sheets than I left intact; in essence, I needed it to look perfect (like all these bookstagrams we all see) and when a page wasn’t perfect = I tossed it. I did score a few good ideas on page layouts via #bookstagram and, once I realized the point of a book journal was to WRITE ABOUT BOOKS and not be so anxious, I started having fun.

Mine is simple and comprised of only a few regularly appearing elements: (1) I always print off a picture of the cover or filter in any fanart stickers and jot down the source of the art (2) I note the number of pages (3) I record my rating on a scale of 1 to 5 (with my rating scale in the front of the journal) and (4) I make boxes to denote whether I’ve taken a flatlay and/or blogged the review on Faith + Fern. Other than those things, each page is different.


• Do you book journal? Any helpful tips on staying organized or keeping fresh ideas?

Much love and Merry Christmas!


2 Comments on “Brown Dog Book Review :: Reading Journal

    • I cannot wait to start fresh! I love those blank slates. I’ve been watching your pretty handwriting journey, too! I love that you’re constantly trying something new and creative!


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