Journal: 1-1-2020 | WRP Frost

Snagged a few moments of quiet this morning before setting the dogs loose into the frost. With each turning of the season and the ever-revolving door of the years, I am continually grateful for my three constants: my family, my home, and my Labrador-children.

I can’t say that I have a particular resolution set for 2020; I quit with resolutions several years ago and learned to sort of just “go with the flow” of growth. There’s the overall goal for a healthier mindset + physical drive, sure, but nothing concrete or down-in-writing.

I did, however, promise myself to release the creative energy under my skin. In a way, I feel like I boarded up the windows for the majority of 2019. There was this twisted, closed-off approach to anything and everything within me: I quit writing, I quit photographing, I quit videoing, I quit painting…I simply didn’t want to look any of it in the face. Still can’t tell you if it was lack of energy, lack of heart, or lack of mental discipline. All I know is, I allowed a big chunk of who I am to go dormant.

Woke this morning to glitter and sunshine outside my bedroom window and heard that whisper: Go. 

Guess I’ll be listening to that voice a little more.



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