Brown Dog Book Review: A to Z Challenge

So, for a week or so I’ve been debating between several different reading challenges for 2020 on the booksphere (Popsugar, Modern Mrs. Darcy, etc.). All in all, however, today I decided to just create my own hybrid and roll with the punches.

There’s a gazillion A-to-Z challenges out there, so I adapted the “rules” to fit my own preference and decided on some key factors:

• Book must start with letter of choice, with the exception of a title that starts with “The…” or “A…” – For example, I would count The Gilded Wolves as a “G” title.

• I do NOT have to go through the alphabet in order. I’m a pantster. I’ll be doing the letters at random.

• Books on the YA spectrum only – not for any reason other than the fact YA is my favorite. (YA Fantasy preferably) but any piece of young adult fiction will do.

• I’m allowing myself “bonus points” for duplicate letters in the title. For example: let’s say for my “B” read, I pick Beastly Bones by William Ritter = one extra bonus point because Bones also starts with B. That extra bonus point? That point can be used as a “cheat letter.”

• Cheat letters can be used to substitute the harder alphabet pieces. Going back to the previous example, I might use my bonus “B” point for the letter “X” = instead of having to read a title that starts with X, I can cheat and choose a title with X in it instead. The letter still has to be involved but doesn’t have to start the leading word in the title.

(Bonus points and cheat points must match up! We’re honest cheaters around here.)

• Lastly, for accountability, I’ll blog all reviews for each letter’s title so they “count.”


I’ll also be sharing my progress on my bookstagram! Check out: @faithandfern on Instagram to follow along on the A-Z Challenge.

Leave any book suggestions in a comment below! ⬇️⬇️

3 Comments on “Brown Dog Book Review: A to Z Challenge

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