Journal: “The Fly By”

There’s very little outside (1) a good dog, (2) a good song, and (3) a good book that I feel “finds us” quickest when we need them most.

There we are: all static energy, inside this BINGO-ball-cage of life, wondering what our next move is or how we’re going to pay that bill or questioning why we’re so angry all the time. And, for just a single heartbeat, this tiny ripple tosses some soul-medicine into our laps and we’re left standing there thinking- “Okay, where have you been this whole time?

Maybe it’s a guitar chord in an old Merle Haggard song or the quiet laughter of your children in the next room. Maybe it’s a first kiss or your first banded goose. Maybe it’s your momma’s voice on the phone. Maybe it’s a warm-night-gravel-roadtrip with the dog hanging out the window.

Or maybe it’s someone else’s words on a page.

Whatever “it” is – it’s kindling. It’s a heart-spark. It’s a promise. It’s inspiration. It’s a reminder. A reminder to hold onto hope and to remember that aching, beating heart in your chest was created with purpose by a God who guards your spirit every minute of every day.

I don’t necessarily believe that “iron sharpens iron” in a way that’s always sought out or intentional. Sometimes I think “one man sharpens another” in a way neither could’ve possibly expected or planned for. And that brings me back to those tiny ripples…

Discipleship can be in the form of a sneak-attack, in my opinion, and I believe those sneak-attacks are the of the most impact. It’s when you see someone across a room do something kind and you catch yourself thinking: “I want to know the light within that person. How is their heart so whole?” It’s when you read a book and think: “I had forgotten other people could ignite ME this way.”

The Fly By was a recent ripple in my life.


“Every good thing given and every perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of lights, with whom there is no variation or shifting shadow.” (James 1:17)

Dear fellas over at More Than a Calling: Thank you for the jolt. Thank you for reminding me I don’t have to fight for a place at God’s table. Thank you for setting a match to my quiet mornings. This year was a special year for me in the waterfowl-realm. Whether I had my camera or my gun in my hand, my eyes were wide-open. I didn’t feel like a kid under Dad’s feet anymore – I felt like a part of something, like finally I’d found my own rhythm. Now, with goose season slowly dwindling down in Mid-Missouri, I’ve started the last few days with two labs asleep at my feet and this (very personal) expression of your own relationships with God in tangible form; I have bent the spine, highlighted your words, and devoured your fellowship.

The material may be binding and paper but it’s iron in my hands and my heart.

To read on “More Than a Calling” and how they share the gospel through waterfowl hunting, click here.

Here’s a few recent goose-hunt edits with my own boys:


Journal: 12-15-19 | Duck Blind ** Journal: 12-22-2019 | “Finer Details”

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