Brown Dog Book Review :: January Wrap-Up

So, as far as reading goals for 2020 – I made myself a promise NOT TO STRESS. I set my Goodreads goal at (52) so that I could sit back at a healthy distance, once a week, and remind myself: As long as I’m reading, it’s okay. Right? Right. 

January was, all around, a pretty decent reading month. I was excited about several of the six I finished but *sadly* was let down more than not (five of the six). It’s all good though, they were still enjoyable.


My favorite read in January was The Fly By – written by a group of waterfowlers known as “More Than A Calling.” You can read more about their Christian message and the book itself in a previous blogpost I shared –> here!

Oddly enough, my least favorite was Skyward by Brandon Sanderson and that was the one I was most excited about. I blogged my review/thoughts, if any Sanderson fans would like to come fight me at: Brown Dog Book Review: “S” – Skyward.

I’m three letters down on my Brown Dog Book Review: A to Z Challenge with 23 more to go. I didn’t write a “T” post (Tainted by Morgan L. Busse) and I’m not sure if I’ll make it to it or not but it was a semi-solid steampunk read. I personally didn’t care for the main characters’ relationship – it seemed to start on toxic footing and I lost interest pretty quick. **Shrug.**

A to Z (3)

I reviewed White Stag and chatted about my expectations vs. what it turned out to be like. It wasn’t a “let down” per say but it didn’t blow my socks off.

There’s drafts for both of January’s adult lit reads –> Where the Forest Meets the Stars and The Vanishing <– but, again, not sure if I’ll post them or not. Both were (3) star reads that left me wanting. *Yet another shrug.*  I definitely DID review and blog my feelings on Where the Forest Meets the Stars –> here.

Looking ahead into February:


  • I’ve already started on Dracula and I’m actually LOVING it – once I fell into the rhythm.
  • Capturing the Devil is also already rolling on my Kindle but I haven’t made it far. (Talk about one of my favorite ships. That Thomas, man.)
  • Black Wings Beating is on my desk, ready and waiting for me to pick it up.
  • I’ve had And I Darken on the shelf since it first came out. It’s time to finally reeeeeead it.
  • Downloaded A Lesson in Thorns thinking it would be a good one to take me with me on-the-go.

It seems like I can’t settle down long enough to really get invested in a book lately. Maybe that’s because my January reads all sort of averaged out? I’m ready for a book to come along and hurt me, ya know?

As always, glad y’all are here.


3 Comments on “Brown Dog Book Review :: January Wrap-Up

    • I am SO looking forward to that one. I hope I freak. •• Thanks for the reading wishes! It just bites starting the year out on a slump. 🤷🏻‍♀️ Of course, still loving your posts!


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