“Not” Reading During Quarantine

This post is about to be a hot mess of hodgepodge topics so, bear with me here. 

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  1. First off, I am woefully behind on my yearly reading challenge.
  2. Regarding the above mentioned reading challenge = this is occurring even while 2020’s goal is LOW compared to previous years.
  3. My sweet momma is among the immuno-compromised so I’m taking this self-quarantine business extra serious.
  4. In this above mentioned self-quarantine, I have read LESS than any other month in the past three years.
  5. I have also BLOGGED less than any other month in the past three years.

Is anybody else battling this “not-reading-during-quarantine-problem”?

My issue is rooted in the fact that I’m HOME – which, you would think would equate relaxing. However, since I’m home, I feel like I need to be doing things: laundry, dishes, cleaning, organizing, etc. and I’ve pretty much all but ignored books for…almost a month now.

I’ve tried starting different books – all of which I was SUPER excited about and all of which are different genres. Turns out, I couldn’t stick with a single one. (Forehead slap.) They’re all now laying on my desk, gathering dust. Literally. Real dust because I never realized how much dust gathers in my house in a 24 hour period. God bless country living.

On the opposite end of the same spectrum, I also can’t seem to focus on writing. Sure, I’m still doing the “daily stuff” but, normally, I would take a few hours to myself and RUN WITH IT. I’d craft a character or re-learn an old one. I’d dive into world-building or spin some nature poetry with my latest photographs.

During quarantine? Notta. compos4

I guess the whole point of this post is this: Is anyone else “fighting” this? I hate to use such negative language here – trust me, I’m aware how serious this situation is and I respect everyone who’s handling it in their own way. I’m just curious, more than anything, if any book-nerds have fallen off the wagon or if any daily writers are struggling to find their fuel? If you’re a painter, are you painting? If you’re a songwriter, are you spending time songwriting?

Readers: I pray you’re safe. If you’re in healthcare or the essential-workforce, know how appreciated you are and know how often you’re thought of. 


2 Comments on ““Not” Reading During Quarantine

  1. I’m fortunate to be one of those for whom isolation is a chance to practise my hobbies and get through some books. I agree that it can be tough to avoid the productive distractions of housework etc, and I’d also say that the general culture of worry doesn’t help my concentration. After a recent bereavement I found it very hard to immerse myself in a book, but turning to poetry collections really helped. The shorter forms, and the option to skip over pages without losing the thread of a narrative or even having to return to the book later, suited me.
    Over the past year and a half I’ve been doing research into how literature responds to times of social crisis (specifically considering poems from the twentieth century about people fearing an oncoming nuclear war). It’s convinced me that producing creative responses to our situation can be an important part of coming to terms with the trauma of it. I’m still writing. I hope to put more of my faith and politics into my blogging, because if those things matter then they should matter more in hard times. I’m writing poetry to help me communicate how I feel about this bizarre situation. I’m excited to see what creativity this awakens in others, although I know that it’s a luxury to be able to create at a time when so many are fearful, lonely, struggling financially, ill, or have lost loved ones. Hopefully some of what we make can be encouraging or comforting too.

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    • I cannot even tell you how much I LOVE this comment! – Ironically, I’m behind, but poetry has become my go-to as well lately. It’s digestible and leaves me with good energy under my skin – and I feel better than I’m genuinely reading again. •• Appreciate your thoughts and input so much!


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