Brown Dog Book Review


Who is Brown Dog? And why does he review books?

First and foremost, Brown Dog needs you to know he had every intention of actually using that English Degree.

Just because he is, in fact, a professional Hole-Digger and Snack-Stealer doesn’t mean he can’t still appreciate all that fine arts training.

He even occasionally goes to coffee shops, wears his black-frame glasses, and pretends to understand what the heck Moby Dick is actually about. And when anyone asks, he says:

“Just some light reading.”

Brown Dog (or Hagan, as he’s formally named) is a four year old chocolate lab. He can’t actually read and he doesn’t have a clue there’s a blog series named after him. (He’s too busy humping the couch pillows.) But when I set out with the goal to develop a book-review system for the blog, I loved the ring of “Brown Dog Book Reviews.”

Truth is, he’s always at my feet while I read in the kitchen. He’s asleep across my lap in bed and makes a great leaning rest for my Kindle. He’s the sentinel guarding my desk as I blog.

He’s the figurehead of my pirate ship, you know? Those brown ears flopping in the wind as I discover new bookish-waters.

So, Brown Dog neither reads nor reviews, but Brown Dog matters.

What’s the rating scale for Brown Dog Book Reviews?

Pretty simple. I sub in paw prints for stars and carry a lint roller around in my purse.

Brown Dog Book Review Scale

Can the reader leave comments on Brown Dog Book Reviews?

Absolutely. I LOVE talking with you all about books (even if you don’t read the same genre/s)¬†and about dogs. Leave a comment and we’ll chat!

B + Brown Dog

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